Raspberry Creek

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Bespoke, Rustic Menus

We all know that the focus of your wedding will, of course, be you and your partner - but the meal you share with your guests is equally important as you celebrate and feast together. Raspberry Creek Food Co. creates bespoke menus that tell the story of your special day through incredible, locally sourced dishes. Chef and co-owner Sam will guide you through crafting a dining experience that will long live on in the memories of your guests. Your meal will be prepared with local ingredients, paired with complimentary beverages, and served in a rustic style to highlight the rich flavours of each dish. The culinary creatives behind Raspberry Creek Food Co. prove that delicious food doesn’t have to be complicated.

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Lake Wanaka, New Zealand
Phone: +64 21 222 1375
Email: info@raspberrycreek.co.nz