Gibbston Valley Cheese

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Why Not Try a Savoury Cheese Cake?

Whether you are simply not a fan of sugar, or are looking for a savoury treat to balance out your dessert table, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous artisan cheese celebration cake by New Zealand-based shop Gibbston Valley Cheese. Created out of your choice of local selections by Queenstown’s very own cheese experts Bess and Kevin, this layered cheese cake is the perfect opportunity to both support a local business and provide mouth-watering snacks to your hungry guests. Gibbston Valley Cheese specialises in sheep, cow and goat milk cheeses crafted in the European style from New Zealand’s very own milks, including soft Double-Cream Brie, rich Kawarau Blue, and waxed Cheddar. We encourage getting your florist to provide colourful blooms to decorate your layered cheese cake, assuring it will be as gorgeous as it is delicious!

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Queenstown, New Zealand
Phone: +64 3 441 1388