Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum


Ancient Beauty Meets Modern Luxury

This boutique hotel and museum spa is situated within a 700-year-old medieval stone monastery. But while the building may have been built in 1275, the decor is nothing but modern, minimalist and technologically-savvy. With only 18 suites available, we found our stay felt incredibly intimate and calming. The spa's owners maintain a respectful reverence of the Ancient Roman tradition and have created a circuit that invites visitors through four separate rooms with varying temperatures and levels of humidity. The experience is purifying and regenerating and was the perfect way to start off your Italian roadtrip. Make sure to also squeeze in a visit to the town of Assisi while you are visiting the spa - the medieval city is not only the birthplace of the Franciscan Order of monks, but it also houses some of the most gorgeous medieval architecture in Italy!

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Assisi, Italy
Phone: +39 075 815 5150