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Travel the Coast in Style

Of all the ways to experience Amalfi - by car, vespa, foot on the coastal trails - to truly make the most of your trip to the coast you must see it from the sea. After a long day of toasting, dancing, and rice-throwing, we couldn’t think of a more perfect ending to your seaside wedding than to hop aboard a private boat and sail off into the sunset. Sorrento Luxury Charters offer private cruises along the coast’s primary port of Marina Grande, including boat tours of Capri and Amalfi and intimate sunset experiences. Whether you are planning to spend a week slipping in and out of Italian ports, or simply wish to view the town of Amalfi from the sea at golden hour with a glass champagne in your hand, chartering one of these boats is an experience you simply cannot miss. The crew is jovial and experienced - operating more like a family than a staff - and are well-equipped to delivery the ultimate luxury experience. The skippers are even seasoned instagram photographers - because what couple wouldn’t want to snap the perfect shot as the sun dips below the sea?

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