Agriturismo Sant' Alfonso

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Amalfi's Coziest Hidden Gem

It’s hard to imagine, in the bustle of the 21st century, that there might still be places of oasis tucked away in secret corners of the world, waiting for adventure-thirsty travellers to stumble upon and enjoy. The Agriturismo Sant'Alfonso is such a place and quickly became the highlight of our whirlwind trip to the Amalfi Coast, as well as the wedding location of Well Travelled Bride founder Kelsey Genna and her husband David. This 17th century farmhouse and agriturismo (Italian for “bed and breakfast”) is located in a quaint town called Furore, nestled between Positano and the Amalfi Coast. Its owners, the Cuomo family, have taken every pain necessary to restore the site to its original sacred beauty, uncovering Baroque-era murals, tiles, portals and even restoring an 1854 church sitting right on the property. The Cuomo family’s efforts make the Agriturismo Sant’Alfonso one of the warmest, dearest, and most relaxing oases on the Amalfi Coast.

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Via S. Alfonso, 6 - 84010 Furore
Phone: +32 (0) 89830515

If you book a stay at the Agriturismo Sant’Alfonso, the first piece of advice we’d suggest is to pack your flats. Upon our arrival, our bags were loaded onto a lift that navigated them down the steep hills while we took a more scenic path that led us beside pastures of rustic farm animals until we eventually arrived at a gorgeous courtyard hanging off the Amalfi cliffs. Inside the farmhouse, we found 8 comfortable rooms with traditional Mediterranean decor but all the modern luxuries we needed to feel comfortable and pampered. Every meal was prepared with ingredients fresh from the Cuomo’s own garden and served with homemade wine, alongside Italian classics like tangy caprese salad.

For well travelled brides interested in planning a destination wedding or elopement on the Amalfi Coast, the Agriturismo Sant’Alfonso also boasts one more appealing treasure: an on-site Italian chapel, built in 1854 and available to rent alongside the rest of the grounds for weddings and receptions. The sacred and rustic beauty of the chapel is true magic, made even more so by the stunning contrast of the scenery outside. We do have one word of caution, however: If you are foreigner to Italy you’ll need to be wary that in many circumstances only ‘symbolic ceremonies’ are possible outside of the town hall.