Outdoor Adventures in Lake Wanaka

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'the world's first lifestyle reserve'

“Ahhhh… Lake Wanaka. This dreamy place with its kind hearted people, warm fires and snow capped peaks really is heaven on Earth. In fact, the local tourism board sign off their emails “…the world's first lifestyle reserve”, we really don’t need to say much more than this to let you know it is well worth a visit and the perfect place to honeymoon. 

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The Wanaka Tree

When in Paris you must see the Eiffel Tower, when in London you wouldn’t pass Big Ben by without a look, so we really can’t leave out the very famous Wanaka Lake tree. This might possibly be the only time you will feel crowded in Wanaka. If you can avoid the mass of tripods and selfie sticks at dusk to visit this unassuming, humble tree we suggest you do. However we can’t allow you not to go and see, a tree growing in a lake for goodness sakes. Then to affirm your visitor status make sure you tell every local you've been. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #thatwanakatree

Location: Tapley Paddock, Glendhu Bay 9305


Wilkins River Jets

It just does not get more Kiwi than this, rushing down a shallow river at great speed through the family farm on the edge of Mt Aspiring National Park. An absolute must do and speak to Danyel about arranging a picnic too, whitebait, veal, local pinot noir & Whittakers chocolate - we promise you won't be disappointed.

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Jet Boards

Filling in your time in this adventurous region is not really hard, it’s probably more to do with how many adventures can you handle in one trip?  This high energy activity is thrilling and full of excitement with various options available enabling you to do some incredible and impossible things. A great activity to gather all your friends together before the wedding or finish your trip on a high...actually really high.

Summer Only

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Roys Peak

New Zealand is world famous for many things, Steve’s fishing shop, a lot of pies and walks (the world famous thing will make sense once you have been here). You may have some time to enjoy a walk or two whilst on your wedding trip and we can thoroughly recommend Roy’s Peak track. Perhaps a little iconic for some, it’s very much worth doing for it’s stunning views and return trip time when you probably have lots going on. Make sure you time it with a fellow walker or take a companion to make the most of the photo opportunities along the way - not that I have one but I fear even the longest selfie stick on this occasion isn’t long enough.

16km Return, 5-6 Hours. The track is closed for lambing 1 October - 10 November.
Address: Roy's Peak Track carpark, Aspiring Road (6km from Wanaka township)