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Well Travelled Bride Ryan Fielding


Based in: London, United Kingdom

Here at Well Travelled Bride, we love Ryan Fielding so much that he documented our very own editors wedding.  With an extremely perceptive eye Ryan manages to create short films which feel more like a Woody Allen film than a typical wedding video.  He is present and totally is that fun guy you really want to share your wedding day with, but at the same time perfectly blends into the background to the point you'll forget he is capturing anything.  The best perk is Ryan is partner to Sarah Burton, one of our beloved photographers meaning you can book this dream team with ease.  

The talented cinematographer is based in London and travels for work within Europe, he also calls New Zealand home ensuring at least a month over the peak season in the Southern Hemisphere. We couldn't recommend Ryan's work higher and hope to see many more Well Travelled Brides' working with him. 

Website - www.sarahburtonweddings.com/films
Email - ryan@framescreative.co.nz




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Travel Itinerary

UK, Europe

New Zealand (Jan-Feb), UK, Europe

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