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Contributor Yvette and Editor Kelsey at a Destination Wedding in Bali.

Contributor Yvette and Editor Kelsey at a Destination Wedding in Bali.

Welcome to our Well Travelled Blog, a place where you can get a more regular spoonful of weddings and inspirations.  You can find us with our heads down and bottoms up creating stunning Well Travelled Bride campaigns in what we think are the most stylish destinations to have your wedding.

We are very excited to be starting this contemporary journey, taking as many of you with us as we can.  Each week we will share with you our favourite finds, travel stories and insights of adventures and happenings from around the world.

We are lovers of fashion, food, travel, decor, style and anything that isn’t the same old same old.  We aren’t your typical blogger’s, everything we share we've experienced first hand, and all our of editorial content is created by our Well Travelled team.

If you are like us then you are going to love all of this, and especially if you love cake, high heels, flowers and endless enthusiasm for the beautiful things in life, most especially love and friendship.

You will notice that we aren’t thinking small with this departure. We intend to take you around the world revealing our favourite locations to tie the knot, whether you want to walk the aisle with a large group or if you fancy flinging some clothes in a bag and eloping.

We won’t be celebrating any one style, although we will be dedicated to loving everything we share with you.  So you’ll see lots of different weddings, vendors, destinations and a bit of something for everyone.  All the things we think are a true reflection of all the wonderful things in the world.

Travel Well,

Kelsey Genna, Editor & the Well Travelled team

Kelsey Genna