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On a beautiful, sun-drenched afternoon, there’s no better way to “toast the sun” in Byron Bay than with a luxurious, bohemian picnic. We were thrilled to experience a truly splendid sunrise picnic during our own time on the Gold Coast, especially curated by Katie from Byron Bay’s very own Wild Goat Events. We can’t recall the last time waking up at 5 AM was so deliciously worth it…

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If you’re unfamiliar with the landscape of Byron Bay, you should know that the coast is decorated with a gem of a lighthouse known for its sunrise views and impressive whale watching. This very lighthouse is the backdrop for Wild Goat Events’ delightful picnic events. We rolled up at the crack of dawn to find Katie waiting to unlock the gates (we have no idea how she secured such an exclusive permit!) and escort us up to a heavenly spread of breakfast delights. The weather was perfect, so we were able to sit out on the lawn, but in less favourable weather the sheltered deck also provides a safe escape from the rain.

Every detail of these catered picnics is carefully thought out and skillfully executed. Custom playlists are played on a portable stereo, Eastern-inspired beaded blankets and pillows are arranged on the lawn, and steaming coffee, locally-picked fruits, homemade muffins, croissants, chia pudding and breakfast burritos are abounding. The meal itself is a transportive bespoke experience sure to rekindle the flame between any well travelled bride and her lifelong lover. They also offer other private events for wedding parties that we suggest looking into, including proposals, hens parties, vow renewals and even elopements!

Wild Goat Events offers gourmet sunrise breakfasts for honeymooners & special occasions at the exclusive location of the Byron Bay lighthouse. To book this very special experience contact Katie on info@wildgoatevents.co or +61 (0) 422 301 417.

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