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Thank you for joining our Well Travelled Bride Ltd community. We are looking forward to enhancing your brand with your exclusive listing in one of our location guides. We are committed to working with the best names in the business and helping you grow your presence in the market and to gain recognition for your amazing work.

Our Commitment:

1. Development: We will be working hard to promote the Well Travelled Bride brand around the globe through online resources, in print and on social media platforms.
2. Free Business Resources: Free access will be made available to you for any free business resources produced by Well Travelled Bride.
3. Paid Business Resources: You will be welcome to purchase any paid business resources/ or tickets for paid events produced by Well Travelled Bride.
4. Your listing: Your listing will feature in the A to B List guide on the Well Travelled Bride website. This listing is valid for twelve months .
5. Listing Exclusivity: Well Travelled Bride will restrict listings to ensure a level of exclusivity is achieved in the guide. This will vary depending on the size of the category, the mix of vendors and the services available to showcase.
6. Listing Removal: Well Travelled Bride reserves the right to remove any vendor from any location guide without prior approval if they feel their business or personal practices do not align with the Well Travelled Bride brand.

Your Responsibilities:

1. Full payment of $500 USD for a twelve month listing must be made before your listing will feature in the guide. All payments are final and non-refundable.
2. In order for us to properly communicate the message of Well travelled Bride we need to be in the know. It is important for you and your business to be proactive and timely in keeping us informed of developments or changes that affect your listing.