An interview with Matthew Oliver

This sophisticated man about the world creates dreams and occasions that will make your heart miss a beat. For his couples there is no wish too great or detail to small for Matthew to explore and deliver whatever is humanly possible and then some, we know he sounds like a wedding superhero...but he is. From his quaint English studio, complete with real life stylish dog - Winston, he oversees couple's wedding plans from coasts to mountains, forests to palaces and gardens to lakes.

Recently Matthew worked with a couple over 18 months planning their dream wedding in London at the Mandarin Oriental. The couple being members of the Omani Royal family Matthew knew he had to pull out all the stops and curate something that was going to impress them and the guests. We think he did a fabulous job. It’s so English too which we are sure they would have loved and we are just blown away by the restraint of the bride's elegant all jasmine bouquet. Bravo!  


Always well dressed and letting us know he has a charming side, we can’t help but think you will want MO to move in after the wedding, we are definitely smitten...

Favourite wedding destination for 2016/2017?
Oh my life this is a hard question!  Hmmm favourite destination for one of my weddings would be Scotland, but favourite destination where I want a wedding would be Austria – please make this happen!

Must have item for long distance flights?
Macbook so I can work, listen to female rap, and catch up with Grey’s Anatomy and my other favourite T.V. shows.

Favourite cocktail?
Moscow Mule because I’m sweet but sharp.

If you can only have one would you have dessert or main course?
Depends on the day and how I feel, though if I’m feeling good and happy I would prefer a main, if I’m feeling sad and worried then a dessert!

Favourite colour trend of 2016/17?
Really! This is hard too – I love a dark moody colour palette with a classy design so dark reds, purples and blues with hints of earthy colours.

Who looks after Winston when you are away?
Either Bertie (my other half) or Sandra from doggie day care – Winston’s favourite person!

What’s Winston’s favourite treat?
Being spoilt by us!

Do people just come to see Winston?
Yes they do – the whole town know Winston by first name basis, they still don’t know me!

Where will you be holidaying this year and will Winston be going?
One of my best friends is getting married in Spain next month, but unfortunately Winston won’t be coming, though Sandra would be looking after him!  We will go on a local holiday at some point where Winston will be joining us.

Three things you love to do when you don’t have a wedding on?
5/8 mile runs with Winston, catch up with friends over drinks and play on the playstation.

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