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Local Brands
& Gifts

There are a surprising number of brands stocked nationally and internationally that are made in Wanaka. Whilst we were there a local told us they often joke about how fascinating it would be to put a sign out of the front of every property that was a running business. They are very entrepreneurial and we think that it must the inspiration of the surroundings.

Pembroke Patisserie

Handcrafted artisan French baking from this dedicated husband and wife team, includes the world famous gingerbread biscuits which are mouth watering with some strong cheese. You can liken breakfast whilst you stay in Wanaka to a chic Parisian outing if you make sure you have a basket full of treats on hand.

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Phone +64 21 2024 651

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POD Chocolates

We do not think these heavenly morsels can be topped by many, and we are happy to do as many tastings as needed to prove this. Like little pieces of art created at the time when stars collide anytime is the perfect time to enjoy these. Ideal to take home as gifts to friends and family who could not join you, make sure you pick up enough for your own little stash. 

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Phone +64 27 2139387

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soda press co wanaka food.png

Soda Press Co.

Deliciously old fashioned and all the rage at the same time the lovely selection of interesting and traditional flavours make these the perfect ingredient for coolers and cocktails and even work poured over ice cream. "Cin cin!"

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Phone +64 (03) 2653 444

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