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Lake Wanaka,
New Zealand

Dear soon to be Well Travelled Brides,

If snowy mountains, fireside cocktails and the great outdoors are your idea of heaven - then Wanaka is the destination of choice for you. Of course we would not just send you in the direction of any location. We have made sure there is everything you need to put together the perfect wedding, honeymoon or trip and have an absolutely fabulous time whilst you are there. We think Wanaka is magical because you are surrounded by untouched scenery and landscapes that look like painted backdrops. You will find all the comforts of a luxury trip with a little bit of adventure thrown in. Given we had the time of our lives, we're sure that with our curated guide to Wanaka, you'll make some special memories there too. 

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Well Travelled Bride

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Weddings & Elopements

For the couple with a sense of adventure or (at the other end of the spectrum) if you are after a touch of luxury then Wanaka is a fabulous choice for your wedding. Coined ‘where Heaven meets Earth’ this destination is an untouched, breath-taking ceremony backdrop, they literally conduct weddings on the mountain peaks. Most importantly there is an amazing collective of creative and genuine people that live and work across the region. They all know and love Wanaka and will be a valuable part of making your stylish wedding everything you want it to be.

Wanaka — Where Heaven meets Earth

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